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Chromebooks and Music Education. Christopher J. Russell, Ph.D.

May 2016 - North Allegheny

Chromebooks and Music Education. Christopher J. Russell, Ph.D. techinmusiced files wordpress 2013 11 Chromebooks and Music Education Christopher J Russell, Ph D This isn't a discussion about the best platform in music classes You CAN use Chromebooks, and they techinmusiced files wordpress 2015 02 Chromebooks and Music Education

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Christopher J.




Chromebooks and Music Education Christopher J.



This isn't a discussion about the best platform for music education This is a discussion based around the fact that your district DID or WILL choose Chromebooks,

and you need to know how to use them in your classroom.

Why do schools choose Chromebooks

? Cost: Two for the price of one 32GB iPad They interact perfectly with Google Apps for Education (GAFE) Automatic updates and easy central control Limited hard drive space,

everything is in the (Google's) cloud Web apps (interestingly,

the iPhone originally only had web apps) Battery life (

Device Comparison Chart

Scott McLeod

Used with permission

The “wonderful instructional tool” will be more versatile for more types of programs and be accessible to the staff.

They will be used for 90 percent of the teaching,

with full computers still being used for computer assisted design,

art and music and iPads still in use for other things and Macs for art and music.


How do you make a Chromebook "fit" into a music classroom

This is hard to do until a Chromebook tablet is released.

If that happens,

Chromebooks will have a much greater appeal for music education.

The only problem with a Chromebook tablet is that Google is already committed to a tablet device,

and apps are not interchangeable between those devices.

The "No's" No SmartMusic No music scanning/recognition No PDF music readers* No bluetooth headphones (at least on my Samsung Chromebook) No handwritten annotation No external piano keyboards or foot pedals No instrument tuners (MANY guitar tuners)

In a traditional class,

Chromebooks focus on these...

SAMR And rarely make it to these.

In music,

Chromebooks remove (or lessen) these...

SAMR And force you to move to these.

The "Yes-es"

These require making exceptions to your normal teaching,

whether in General Music or a Performance-Based Ensemble

And almost all of these tools are available on other platforms (or they have a tool that is nearly the same)

Use #1: GAFE







Mail And of course,


Use #2: Composition


Noteflight UJam Soundation

Use #3: Audio Playback

Audio Playback

Google Play SoundCloud Pandora Spotify

Use #4: Presentations


Google Presentations/Slides Prezi

Use #5: Assessment


Google Forms (and Flubaroo Script) Edmodo

Use #6: Audio Editing

Audio Editing

Twisted Wave Audiotool

Use #7: Ear Training

Ear Training Chrome Apps

Chords Free DoReMi Free Music Notation Training Audiotool

Use #8: Guitar Class

Guitar Chrome Apps Guitar Tuner Guitar Tab Viewer Guitar Chords Chart Adam's Virtual Guitar Music Pug Guitar Guitarist's Reference

Use #9: Metronome

Chrome Apps

Cool Metronome Metronome Dr.

Use #10: Sheet Music*

Sheet Music*

Chromatik (works but screen is NOT ideal for music)

Use #11: Video Recording

Video Recording

We Video

Use #12: Pianos

Chrome Apps

Color Piano Virtual Piano Black Piano Master Real Piano

Use #13: Music Theory

Music Theory

Use #14: Classroom Management

Classroom Management

Class Dojo Class Charts Schoology Edmodo

Use #15: Communication


Google Sites G-mail

Use #16: Mirroring

Chromecast (only on the Pixel)

Use #17: Internet Access

Web Pages & Services Music First Noteflight Soundation Focus On Sound Charanga Music World Music Delta Inside Music Naxos Music Library

Web Pages & Services

Quaver Music

Use #18: Music Games

Music Games Jam with Chrome Isle of Tune Pug's Notation Training Piano Games Joy of Music Music Games for Kids The House of the Notes A,


Summary The Chromebook doesn't quite fit into most music classroom When a district chooses Chromebooks,

it does so at the cost of integration (particularly S of the SAMR Model) in music classes You CAN use Chromebooks,

and they are particularly powerful when used in conjunction with GAFE and Internet based projects You can do some exciting projects with Noteflight (composition)

Ideas from Session Participants YouTube is powerful (and multi-platform).

You can send a list of links to a YouTube videos to send to your students Share music,

and large files via Google Drive Weebly: an easy website creator to simply add content and get classes going You can embed Google Docs and Slides directly into a Google Sites

Some additional thoughts: I use Google Spreadsheets (embedded in my choir Google Site) to have students sign up for choir lessons,

and then later I fill their cell red or green depending on whether they attend the lesson or not I use a Google Drive Folder to share with all students,

You need every student GAFE e-mail to do this.

I have them create a folder and share it with me,

and they need my correct e-mail to do this (this can be more complicated that it seems).

I can then organize these folders into classes,

and anything they put in their folders does not reduce my Google Drive a space.

More additional thoughts:

I found a video that explains how to make submission of student assignments in their Google Drive much easier.

See http://www.youtube.com/watch

?v=VwgTRHXA2Mw You can see how I am using Google Sites at www.oltmansings.com.

I have daily updates by class level,

and lessons reprsented on the page,

along with my school contact information.

In the iBookstore: Practical Technology for Music Education