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Rae Bareli ) Special Issue April 2012 From the Directo...


Octane Contours ( Newsletter of Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology,

Rae Bareli )

Special Issue

April 2012

From the Director's Desk Another year has gone by and a time to once again reminiscence about all that was done during this time.

This year's stories of some achievements,

a host of academic endeavours and small stories of giving back to society are once again brought to you through this issue of “Octane Contours.” I welcome you to catch a glimpse of the intense activity,

growth lessons and excitement of an upcoming institution.

The next issue to be released later this year will give a glimpse of several laboratories that have been developed at RGIPT to teach practical aspects to students.

It is also planned to include in each future issue a technical article summarizing the latest developments in an aspect of the energy field.

Suggestions on topics of interest are most welcome.

Gupta Director,


Inauguration of Centre for Environment,



Security & Sustainability Centre for Environment,



Security & Sustainability (EHS3) was inaugurated at RGIPT,

Rae Bareli on 26th December 2011,

Sam Mannan (Regents Professor & Director,

Mary Kay O'Connor Process Safety Center,



RGIPT plans to offer various short courses,

under graduate and post graduate programmes through this centre.

Addressing the faculty and students of RGIPT,


Mannan said that today across the world oil exploration,

production and refining companies are giving significant importance to environment,

He greatly appreciated the setting up of EHS3 and suggested organizing annual conference on HSE,

Security and Sustainability to create greater awareness about this important area.


Sam Mannan (Regents Professor & Director,

Mary Kay O'Connor Process Safety Center,

USA) speaking on the occasion of inauguration of EHS3 Centre.

Revisiting Education: The Need to Move Away from Oxbridge Prof.

Sanjay G.


Director IIT Kanpur,

during the Rajiv Gandhi Lecture series (August 20,

when he spoke about the current Indian education system and the challenges facing it.

He highlighted the inability of the Oxbridge (Oxford Cambridge) model of education in meeting the needs of the nation.

According to him,

actual learning starts only after a person graduates.

Most educational institutions fail to impart anything more than bookish knowledge to their students.

Education has almost become rote based.

A multi-dimensional lateral education system which emphasized the development of listening,

Sanjay G.

Dhande (Director,

IIT Kanpur) addressing the students and faculty of RGIPT and Prof.

Gupta (Director,

RGIPT) is sitting on the dais.

and observation abilities rather than enhancing the wrinkles of the cerebrum could constitute a good education system according to Prof.


He also highlighted the Q2 (Quality and Quantity) problem i.e.

the increase in the number of colleges will not be beneficial to the country if it is not followed by an equal emphasis on quality.

But eventually,

it is in the hands of the educational institutions to ensure that high standards of academics are maintained.

Octane Contours Issues and Challenges of City Gas Distribution (CGD) Business in India Department of Management Studies of RGIPT organized a one day Workshop on the “Issues and Challenges of City Gas Distribution (CGD) Business in India” on 29th October 2011.

On this occasion,

Shri S.

Kudaisya (Managing Director,

Sabarmati Gas Limited),

Sudha Mahalingam (Member- Distribution,

PNGRB) and Shri Vijay Duggal (DGM- Commercial,

BPCL) were present as key speakers.

The deliberations in the workshop focused on the need to ensuring better customer service and enhancing safety in CGD.

The Workshop concluded with a vote of thanks by Dr.

(From left to right): Dr.

Jaya Srivastava (Faculty,


Gupta (Director,


Sudha Mahalingam (Member,


Shri S.

Kudaisya (MD,

SGL) and Shri Vijay Duggal (DGM- Commercial,


Illness to Wellness The World Health Organization has stated that,

'Health is a state of complete physical,

and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.' Hence all of us should endevaour to achieve a state of wellness,

for which awareness is a pre-requisite.

Sunil Ullal and his team conducted an 'Illness to Wellness' workshop on August 27-28,

faculty members and staff of RGIPT.

They talked about preventive medicine and a proactive approach to management of an individual's health.

The students were inspired to improve the quality of their life Dr.

Sunil Ullal explaining the facts of wellness to participants through positive,

day to day approach for a long,

Along with during the workshop.

information was presented on a variety of subjects related to health,

medicine along with other various beneficial wellness tips.

Stress Management by Bhagwat Geeta Stress has become the most talked about aspect of modern life today.

Marcus Aurelius said “If you are distressed by anything external,

the pain is not due to the thing itself,

and this you have the power to revoke at any moment.” Hence stress can be managed by controlling the response of an individual.

This was emphasized by Dr.


in his lecture on 'Stress Management by Bhagwat Geeta',



Former Head Orthopedics,

Chhatrapati Sahuji Maharaj Medical University,

Lucknow is currently Director,



He said that Dr.

Singh delivering speech on stress management by the Lord mentions the importance of action and insists that man should not focus on Bhagwat Geeta.

In the modern times,

too much emphasis on results is contributing to increasing levels of stress.

He therefore extolled the students to work honestly and perform their actions in the spirit of an offering to GOD,

leaving the results to His discretion.

This will prevent one from coming under undue stress and will lead to greater satisfaction in the performance of one's tasks.

Protecting Intellectual Property Rights


Ashok Mittal explaining the basics of IPR to participants.

A two-day workshop on 'Intellectual Property Rights' was organized at RGIPT on 25th26th February,

Ashok Mittal,

MHRD IPR Chair Professor,

IIT Kanpur,

and Shri Amit Shukla (IPR Lawyer).

During the workshop Prof.

Mittal introduced the concept of Intellectual Property and patents.

He outlined the various laws that govern intellectual property in the world.

Amit Shukla then conducted various exercises with students and faculty members on how to read a patent,

fill a patent form and apply for patents.

It was a great learning opportunity enriched by experience sharing by other faculty members.

Octane Contours Effective Teaching


Vijay Gupta delivering lecture on effective teaching.

Whenever there is any talk about effective teaching,

there is an underlying belief that the dialogue will stress on the methods and pedagogy of taking a class,

and thereby helping the students.

However effective teaching is not essentially for the benefit of the student alone,

he would be one of the beneficiaries

but the greatest benefit accrues to the teacher.

A famous Latin proverb summarizes this aptly,

'By learning you will teach

by teaching you will understand.' Prof.

Vijay Gupta,


Goenka World Institute,

in his two day Workshop on Effective Teaching organized for all faculty members on 6th-7th August,

The workshop was focused on the following areas :

? Teaching & Learning Processes in Engineering Teaching of Engineering

? Academic Objectives of an Engineering Programme and other similar topics Prof.

Gupta emphasized the need for designing courses with clear cut learning outcomes in mind.

He said that we need to put down in writing what the students are expected to learn from the course.

Once learning outcomes are properly understood both by the teacher as well as by the student,

the process of learning becomes more enjoyable and fruitful.

Software Training Knowledge of latest software is an important necessity for effective learning.


going beyond the mandate of individual courses,

the institute has made vigorous efforts to train students in latest software.

? A two-day workshop on ANSYS software was organized for B.


(Chemical Engineering),


? CADD Centre (Lucknow) conducted a ten-days training

programme on Auto CAD from 15th to 24th December,


The knowledge of graphics is very important in engineering disciplines.

From planning/ designing of industry to flowing of material,

Susham Biswas,

Shri Saurabh Shukla,

Shri Deepak Asthana,

Shri Anil Kumar Verma RGIPT students during software training.

and Shri Aswini Kumar had participated in the training programme.

Drawing and designing of 2D and 3D objects were covered in training with an orientation to industrial applications.

Students have also been trained on other software such as Geo-EAS,




Civil 3D,

CMG: UT-Chem,


AWARDS B-School Leadership Award Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology (RGIPT) earned accolades at the Innovative B-School Awards presented by DNA and Stars of the Industry group.

The “B-School Leadership Award” was presented to the institute in recognition of its leadership,

innovation and unique industry interface for its MBA programme at a ceremony held on 18th February,

Shri D.



Board of Governors,

RGIPT and Executive Director,

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited received the award on behalf of the institute.

A couple of alumni of RGIPT were also present.

On this occasion,

Shri Reddy spoke about RGIPT's vision of bridging the gap between the academic and corporate world.

He emphasized how the curriculum had been designed to establish industry interaction at every stage thereby instilling practical know-how in the course which would help the students in the long run.

He also communicated to the audience the institute's expansion plans at Siva Sagar,


Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology | 3

Octane Contours PENS 2012 Award to RGIPT Student Chapter Petrotech RGIPT Student chapter has won two awards in the Petrotech Annual Convention cum National Symposium (PENS2012) at ISM Dhanbad.

There were two events where students from various student chapters had participated.

First was Presentation on "Hydrocarbon and Beyond-Changing Landscape".

Eight student chapters had participated in the competition.

RGIPT student chapter won the second prize.

Another competition was- Cairn Case Study.

Eighteen teams participated in the case study competition and the RGIPT team won the third prize.

(From left to right): Neha Gupta,


Anurag Kr.


Nirjhor Chakraborty,

Kumar Vaibhav,

Satish Kr.

Sinha (Faculty,


Vasundhara and Shubham Gupta with PENS2012 prize.

SPE Student Chapter of the Month Award SPE Student Chapter of Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology (RGIPT),

Rae Bareli has been given the “Student Chapter of the Month” award for the month of November 2011 by the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) International.

The RGIPT student chapter was given the award after careful consideration of event reports from over 200 fellow SPE Chapters from around the globe.

The RGIPT Student Chapter in its socially responsible endeavours has started educating deprived children,

The chapter also worked towards spreading awareness among new generation about the importance of energy.

It has also been engaged in various activities like organizing blood donation camps,

poster and paper presentation competitions,

career guidance workshops for schools in and around the city,

as well as organizing lecturer session of industry experts,

for gaining firsthand knowledge of operations of energy companies.

The chapter aims at scaling new heights under the able guidance of Dr.

Satish Kumar Sinha.

Best Teacher Award The Best Teacher Award was conferred to the following faculty members : Dr.

Amit Ranjan for 2010-11 (2nd Semester) Dr.

Ojha for 2010-11 (1st Semester) The awards were conferred to both the faculty members by Mr.



Board of Governors,

RGIPT on August 27th,


Satish Kumar Sinha has been named the Best Teacher for 2011-12 (1st Semester).

Amit Ranjan (Asst.

Prof.) receiving award from Mr.


President RGIPT.

Uma Prasanna Ojha(Asst.

Prof.) receiving award from Mr.


Students Achievements Nilesh Kumar Jha (M.


in Petroleum Engineering) secured 2nd position (MS Division) in the SPE-Sub Regional Paper Contest (India and Bangladesh) 2011,

Dehradun on 10th-11th December 2011.

He had presented paper on "Permeability Estimation through Alternating Conditional Expectation Algorithm and Geologic Modeling of the MB Sand Field,

Cambay Basin,


Vaisakh S.

Unni (B.


Scholarships Chevron-Jeet Bindra Scholarship was awarded to seven B.


Out of that,


Petroleum Engineering and 2 students were from Chemical Engineering streams.

RGIPT Scholarships were given to 25 B.


and MBA students on the basis of their academic performance in the 2011-12 sessions.

The ONGC Scholarship was awarded Mr.

Varun Yadav of B.


Octane Contours Distinguished Lecture by Prof.

Misra Very rarely does one get the opportunity to come face to face with greatness.

RGIPT grabbed this opportunity when the institute played host to Prof.

Misra and Mrs.

Nirmala Misra,

who have dedicated their entire lives for spreading education in a remote village near Lucknow.


Misra is a geologist by training and discovered the oldest recorded of multi-cellular life on earth,

which have been named after him as 'Fractofusus misrai',


his greatness lies not only in the unique academic work that he did,

but in his courage to leave his academic career at its peak and return to his village to open a school for the children there.

Known as the Bhartiya Grameen Vidyalaya,

the school has brought education within the reach of poor villagers.

No longer do children of this village tread miles to go to school.

They are given quality education near their homes at no cost.

The school does not charge any fees from children.

Another heartening development has been the increase in enrollment of girls in the school.


Misra has chronicled the journey of his life in a book titled 'Dream Chasing.' Listening to him the words of Booker T.

Washington came to mind,

“Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome”.

Seminar Speakers RGIPT has also invited following industry experts for the guest lectures at RGIPT to enrich the knowledge of the students :




Former Professor,

IIT Kanpur


Professor & LeSeur Chair in Reservoir

Mohan Raja,

Kings Saud University,

S.Arabia Management,

Texas A &M University USA

Navpreet Singh,

IIT Kanpur

Ashok K.


IIT Kanpur

Prawal Sinha,

IIT Kanpur


IIT Delhi

Ranjeet Singh,

Rae Bareli

Bipin Vora,


Sam Mannan,

Regents Professor & Director,

Mary Kay

Bishwajeet Roy,


IOCL O'Connor Process Safety Center,


Chaman Lal,



Swaraj Puri,

Ex-Director General of Police,

Government of M.P.

Gautam Datta,


President Yuntech University Taiwan

Debashish Panda,

Waseda University,


Soma Dey,

Asian Business School,


Research Collaboration Dr.

Uma Prasanna Ojha,

Assistant Professor,

RGIPT has collaborated with Prof.

Bridgette Budhlall,

Assistant Professor,

UMASS Lowell,

USA on 'Development of new shape memory polymers for bio-medical application.

He also collaborated with Dr.

Ashootosh V.


National Chemical Laboratory,

Pune on 'Preparation of cross-linked epoxy networks for gas storage application.'

Research Infrastructure at RGIPT Chemical Engineering Laboratory

RGIPT has procured latest equipment to set-up two Chemical Engineering Unit Operation Laboratories.

The two laboratories cover most of the Chemical Engineering areas such as Reaction Engineering,

Heat Transfer,

Mass Transfer,

Fluid Flow,

Fluid Particle Systems,

Thermodynamics & Process Dynamics and Control.

Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology | 5

Octane Contours Non-Conventional Energy Laboratory A research laboratory has been established by Dr.

Atul Sharma and Dr.

Amritanshu Shukla for undertaking research in the area of solar and other non-conventional energy sources.

The lab is well equipped with instruments like Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC),

Data Acquisition Unit and other relevant apparatus.


a DST sponsored project is underway in the lab.

Exploration and Prospecting Laboratory RGIPT has established an exploration and prospecting lab with state-of-the-art technologies.

There are thirteen workstations in the lab with dual monitor set up and a projection system.

The Dell T7500 workstation is fitted with Xeon processor,

24 GB RAM,

and graphics card with 6GB memory.

Large size of memory helps in better visualization of 3D seismic datasets.

Each workstation is attached with two monitors (24 inches each) via HD cable.

Seismic Micro Technology has donated KINGDOM software to the institute.

The software is being used for teaching seismic data analysis for reservoir characterization.

Beyond Borders.....

RGIPT at 20th World Petroleum Congress 20th World Petroleum Congress was organized during 4th to 8th December,


The theme of the Congress was “Energy solutions for all: Promoting cooperation,

Two students from RGIPT,

Rae Bareli presented papers at the WPC.

Vaisakh S.

Unni (B.


Petroleum Engineering,

Final year) presented a paper on “Advances in aphron based drilling fluid technology” under “Drilling & completion technologies applied to challenging reservoirs” forum,

Anne Vijay (B.


Chemical Engineering,

Unni on “Advances in application of artificial intelligence in drilling” under

applied to the upstream” forum and on “Automatic calibration of real-time computer models in intelligent refining process control systems & increase efficiency in the end products” under “New refinery technologies to meet feedback flexibility,

fuel demand & quality” forum.

They also attended India's Petroleum Minister Shri S.

Jaipal Reddy's Ministerial session on “NELP-9 issues and ramping up inward investment to India”.

The students attended the Congress under the guidance of Prof.




Indo-Yale Higher Education Leadership Programme Prof.

Gupta visited institutions of higher learning under the banner of India-Yale Higher Education Leadership Programme to promote deeper linkages in the area of higher education between India and United States.

The programme was supported by the University Grants Commission of India and the Ministry of Human Resource Development and was developed in partnership with the Indian Institute of Technology,

Kanpur and the Indian Institute of Management,

Kozhikode The programme was attended by 26 Vice Chancellors,

deans and other officials of higher education institutions in India,

held on the campus of Yale University in New Haven,

Connecticut from Sep 25 to October 2011.

It also included field visits to other public and private institutions in the region.

Octane Contours Students-Industry Interface



Choubey and Dr.

Atul Sharma.


Dehradun on 2nd

Balathanigaimani and Dr.




Amit Ranjan and Dr.

Rakesh Kumar.



students visited KDMIPE and IDT,

ONGC Dehradun,

March 2012 along with two faculty members,

Alok Singh and Prof.

Panipat Refinery on 31st March,


Prasad Chakarborty.

Alumni in the Industry RGIPT has been fortunate to have its students working for leading companies of the energy sector.

Since its inception two MBA batches have passed out and this year the first batch of engineering students will graduate and join the industry.

The industry's response to our students has been encouraging and the major recruiters are given below :

? Accenture Services Private Limited

? Hindustan-Mittal Energy Ltd.


? Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd.




? Infraline Energy Research and Information Services

? Cholamandalam MS Risk Services




? Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd.


Summer Internship Summer internship is an integral part of professional learning and the institute ensures that the students are given the best learning opportunities during this time.

RGIPT has been fortunate to get support from major organizations in providing summer internship to our students.

Students have worked with the following companies during their summer internship:

Chemical Engineering


Faridabad) & Barauni


? Indian Institute of Petroleum,






Petroleum Engineering


Ahmedabad Ahmedabad












LNG Energy Research and Information Services

? Maharashtra Natural Gas Limited

Short term course on Well Test Analysis for Industry Executives A short course on Well Test Analysis for the executives of Oil India Limited (OIL) and ONGC Limited was conducted at RGIPT,

Siva Sagar,

Assam on 27-29th March,

Prasad and Dr.


These participants were from production,

reservoir and chemical engineering background.

Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology | 7

Octane Contours Arpan- The Beauty of Giving Winston Churchill once said,

“We make a living by what we get.

We make a life by what we give.” We at RGIPT want to help our students to not only make a living but also to build a fulfilling life.

Arpan is an effort by the student community and encouraged by the institute,

to add value to the lives of poor children around the campus.

As a part of social responsibilities,

students have undertaken the task of teaching the nearby children and helping them by donating books and stationery.

They also brightened the Diwali of these children by distributing sweets and crackers to them.

School children of Balapur village (Rae Bareli) participating in the musical chair game,

organized by RGIPT Arpan club.

'Kaltarang' Cultural Fest

Life on the campus turns most vibrant during a cultural fest.

The spring in the steps of the students was most evident during the two day annual cultural and sports festival of RGIPT – Kaltarang,

which was celebrated on 1st and 2nd October 2011.

Students from six institutes (Feroze Gandhi Degree College,

Feroze Gandhi Institute of Engineering and Technology,

Footwear Design & Development Institute,

Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Udan Academy,

National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research and Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology) of Rae Bareli participated in the two days program.

The tone of the programmed was set by the Ganesh Vandana which was followed by various events like quiz,

Dill Mile,


various sports competition- Volleyball,

Basketball and Tennis were also organized.


the main attraction of the fest was FIZOOLKHARCH – a band performance by RGIPT students.

"Brain Bowl" a Quiz Programme @ RGIPT RGIPT Petrotech student chapter had organized its maiden Quiz programme “Brain Bowl” in the month of November 2011,

to test the Petroleum industry related knowledge of students.

Programme was organized in two rounds: Preliminary & Final.

Participants of the quiz programme were divided into 4 teams by lottery system.

The Preliminary round was held on 3rd November 2011,

individually for each year students and out of that top four scorers were selected from each year for next round.

In this round,

Final round was held on Sunday 6th November,

For this round,


Audio/Visual & Rapid fire.

The result of the event was as follows : Winners : Black Paradise 1.

Gulshan Kumar 2.

Jaspreet Singh 3.

Puneet Kumar 4.

Shitanshu Gupta

Runners up : Kerogen 1.

Aditya Singh 2.

Abdul Ansari 3.



Legislating Labors of Love: Revisiting Commercial Surrogacy

law csuohio edu sites default files current Denno presented Legal Implica tions of Research on Genetics and Crime, based on her widely cited article, “Revisiting the Legal Link Between Genetics and Crime,” published in Duke University School of Law’s prestigious Jour nal of Law and Contemporary Problems Dr

Revista Antropos Volume 2, Ano 1, Maio de 2008 ISSN

Revista de políticas y problemas públicos - ResearchGate

1 Museologia 2 Museus I NASCIMENTO JUNIOR, José do II TRAMPE, Alan III SANTOS, Paula Assunção dos Revista Museum vol ii 5 años de la Mesa Redonda de Santiago de Chile”, pretende por una

Revista Árvore ISSN: Universidade Federal de Viçosa Brasil

Avaliação da arborização no Campus-Sede da Universidade - USP

A maior parte das árvores encontra se plantada na principal avenida da UFV, entretanto, o arboreto da reitoria é o local com Doutorando em Ciência Florestal pela Universidade Federal de Viçosa Departamento de ISSN 1980 7694 ON LINE Revista Científica Eletrônica da

REVISTA BRASILEIRA DE AGROMETEOROLOGIA ( ) (Clique sobre o Volume desejado)

doses de composto orgânico comercial na composição de

PDF Pesquisa por Área Temática Pesquisa por Autor ResearchGate researchgate Estimativa da capacidade de armazenamento de agua no solo no estado do Ceara pdf PDF Portuguese ( pdf ) SciELO scielo br pdf

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revista brasileira de prescrição e fisiologia do exercício

PDF REVISTA BRASILEIRA DE CIÊNCIA E Biblioteca UCB biblioteca ucb br rbcm diretrizes para autores e autoras pdf PDF Revista Brasileira de Ciências Ambientais Abes abes dn br publicacoes rbciamb Editorial pdf PDF lista de

Revista Brasileira de Ciências Agrárias ISSN: Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco Brasil

RedalycEnraizamento de Hyptis suaveolens (L) Poit (Lamiaceae

REVISTA BRASILEIRA DE CIÊNCIA E SOLO(IMPRESSO) Informações Básicas Revista do Setor de Ciências Agrárias e Ambientais da Universidade Revista Brasileira de Engenharia Agrícola e Ambiental (Online) Revista Brasileira Ciências da Saúde

Revista Brasileira de Ecoturismo Volume 05, Número 03, setembro/dezembro de 2012

Análise de citações de periódicos científicos de turismo no Brasil

Revista Brasileira de Ecoturismo Volume 05, Número 02, maio agosto de 2012 Publicação da Sociedade Brasileira de Ecoturismo Os artigos aqui publicados  Acari (RN) Revista Brasileira de Ecoturismo, São Paulo, v 7, n 3, ago out Organização Mundial do Turismo (OMT), enquanto o

Revista Brasileira de Ecoturismo Volume 06, Número 01, janeiro/abril de 2013

Análise de citações de periódicos científicos de turismo no Brasil

6 2010, Ministério do Turismo Todos os direitos reservados Este trabalho poderá ser Sérgio Salvati Sociedade Brasileira de Ecoturismo (SBECotur) Revista Brasileira de Ecoturismo, São Paulo v 3, n 2, 2010 vimento sustentável da região de sua influência” (SORIANO, 2006,

Revista Brasileira de Enfermagem ISSN: Associação Brasileira de Enfermagem Brasil

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PDF Revista Brasileira de Enfermagem ISSN 0034 7167 Redalyc redalyc pdf 2670 267019596023 pdf PDF Revista Brasileira de Enfermagem ISSN 0034 7167 Redalyc redalyc pdf 2670 267019630023 pdf

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